Grundtvig AMBIANCE (2009-2011)

This partnership will address the issue of Active Citizenship of Europe, and the project is called ‘AMBIANCE’. it will be aimed at adult learners of all ages from 16 years old upwards, who are no longer in the initial education system of their country.

The partner institutions will work together over a two year period to develop and pilot a course in ‘Active European Citizenship’ which research indicates may be one of the first of its kind in Europe.

Project partners:

  1. Zeuxis Innovations Ltd (Cypros, coordinator)
  2. Grup Scolar industrial Stefan Procpiu (Rumenia)
  3. ONECO - Organizacion de Educacion Comunitaria (Spain)
  4. DruĹĄtvo mladinski ceh (Slovenia)
  5. College of Social Sciences (Lithuania)
  6. Zwiazek Stowarzyszen MULTIKULTURA (Poland)
  7. Northumberland College (UK)
  8. EURO-NET (Italy)
  9. Borderlands Leader (Estonia)

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